Welcome to Extra VA Services.


My name is Leanne and I would like to be a part of your Business while it reaches it’s potential & goals efficiently & cost effectively. 


I have been doing all things admin for 25+ years and am more than happy to chat about what it is you are after and how I can help you move forward. I have been busy working & gaining years of experience across the following industries to name a few:


  • Construction

  • Hospitality

  • Aged Care

  • Insurance

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I am interested in helping you achieve that work life balance that sometimes seems elusive and lessening your burden in the areas you need me, whether that be asset management, database setup/management, communication with customers or HR & admin that most business owners avoid.


I specialise in streamlining your admin, keeping it up to date and scheduled in a professional, reliable & trustworthy manner removing the stress of running a business & allowing the focus to remain on you growing your business.


Remember, distance is no limitation as I work 100% online and I will only charge you for the time I spend on your business, saving you excess labour costs & on-costs payable with employees.


Give me a call & we can chat about what it is you need and what I can offer you.